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I’m Dr. Michael LaBossiere, a guy from Maine who went to school in Ohio and ended up as a professor in Florida.

mcl.jpgBy disposition and profession , I am a philosopher. I suspect it began when I was a child. According to my parents, I was constantly asking questions-even more so than usual. I also loved reading at an early age-so much so that if I was bad (which was, of course, almost never…) my punishment was that I could not read before going to sleep. Apparently I also had a thing for mud puddles. Fortunately, I outgrew that. My curiosity and love of reading remain. Okay, I admit it-I am still drawn to running through puddles.

Professionally I am a philosophy professor at Florida A&M University. I started teaching there in the Fall of 1993 and greatly enjoy my choice of careers. I teach a wide variety of classes that range from Aesthetics (theories of art and beauty) to Theory of Knowledge. My course pages are here.

Naturally, I do a great deal of writing. I recently completed a book-it should hit the shelves in March, 2008. I write regularly for the Philosophers’ Magazine . I also have numerous academic publications but I will not bore you with them here.

In addition to my love of wisdom, I have a great love of running. I started running at the age of fifteen. I tried out for the basketball team, but sucked badly. The coach told me that the track team had to take anyone and suggested that I become a runner. It was a great choice. I ran in high school and then ran in college. I got rather good-I was All Conference in my Junior and Senior years. I kept running in grad school and ran in the US Olympic team trials for the Marathon. I didn’t make the team, but it was great running with some of the best American runners. I’m still an avid runner and a member of the Gulf Winds Track Club.

I also enjoy the martial arts, specifically tae kwon do. I started training in grad school at Ohio State and still practice today. I enjoy the physical and mental training. Plus, hitting a punching bag is a great way to burn off stress. That makes it possible to survive meetings.

I started gaming (Dungeons & Dragons) when I was 15. I fell in love with the idea of creating worlds and stories and ended up writing professionally for several game companies. I still game as hobby. Some of my work is posted here. Yes, gaming is for nerds-I freely accept my nerdtastic ways.

I also enjoy computer and console gaming. I’ve played all the classics (Doom, Quake, Diablo, Diablo II, Command & Conquer, Halo, Halo 2, Warcraft, Half Life, Half Life Two, Temple of Apshai, Time Pilot, and so many more). I am not obsessed with games-I like the sun and outdoor world far too much. Reality is still much better than virtual reality.

I am very fond of animals and have two cats (Ash & Zax) and a hyper husky (Isis). Isis and I are regular visitors to the San Luis Dog Park. She’s well known there-I’m just the guy who brings her to see her friends and fans.

Like most Americans, I love politics. Politically I do not really fit into any neat category. In some things, I am probably conservative (for example, I believe in fiscal responsibility) and in others I’m rather radical. In practice I’m for small, responsible government that serves the good of the people and does not engage in evil actions. In theory I am an anarchist and dislike all forms of oppressive authority.

I have an odd sense of humor and am willing to inflict it on people.

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  1. Sir,

    I wanted to thank you for this really useful website. I am looking to get into law school and one of my weaknesses is with reasoning, analyzing the flaws of a argument. Do you have any advice on A)how I can improve my reasoning skills; B) take a course/or book that can assist me in strengthening my reasoning skills so I can analyze and make a case with laser sharp skills?

    I am 30yrs old and I see how valuable this skill is not just with law but with work whenever I write.

    Any advise would be appreciated. Many thanks for the wonderful knowledge you share on your website. Extremely helpful.


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